• Bullet Summarizer API

    This API gives you RESTful access to our Bullet Summarizer NLP engine.

    This is our go-to Agolo summarizer for most clients; it is designed to increase salience and reduce redundancy. The intended use case is to cover as many salient insights from the source documents as possible. This summarizer is the strongest at multi-document summaries and incrementally developing news stories. It's not designed for broadcast applications to produce coherent, paragraph-like summaries, so we display its results as bullet points.

  • Speakable Summarizer API

    This API gives you RESTful access to our Speakable Summarizer NLP engine.

    The Speakable Summarizer is most suitable for producing fluently readable summaries with broadcast applications in mind (example: for likes of Alexa, Google Assistant). This summarizer's strong suit is to cover the main topic from the input documents, so it is best used in cases where we know that the inputs will have a clear focus. Speakable summaries can be optimized to suit client needs, especially if the client provides editorial guidelines and sufficient training data on which we can optimize.