Bullet Summarizer API - Trial Access

You can test our Bullet Summarizer via API for free using this plan (48 hrs).

This is our go-to Agolo summarizer for most clients; it is designed to increase salience and reduce redundancy. The intended use case is to cover as many salient insights from the source documents as possible. This summarizer is the strongest at multi-document summaries and incrementally developing news stories. It's not designed for broadcast applications to produce coherent, paragraph-like summaries, so we display its results as bullet points.

  • Rate Limit: 5 calls/minute
  • Usage Quota: 30 calls/day

Note that our trial APIs are hosted on multi-tenant cloud environment shared with other trial users so there are limitations on resource capacity; these limitations will be removed once qualified for a paid Proof-of-value (POV) or Go-live implementation.

This product contains 1 API: